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Commercial Division

PishroAbzarAtor is an Engineering and Commercial Orientated Company. This Company is relying on Their Experienced Technical Team and Their Vast Knowledge of Key industries Within the Country. In Provision of Commercial Services for Procurement Of different Instrument we use well Known European Manufacturer and Supplier.

The Main Concentration and major Field of Activities are to Provide Engineering Services and Supply of Equipment as Field Instrument Required for different Project and Industries within the Country.
PishroAbzarAtor with Qualified Commercial Team is well prepared to Place Orders for Procurement of all different Commodity required in different Industries.

PishroAbzarAtor is Also Ready to use Their Connections and Facilities Positioned in Europe and Eastern Asia for Supply of Quality Equipment and Commodity Through by Passing the Sanction for Local Industries in the Following Area, Instrument, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment from well Known European and American Supplier.

Examples are: Emerson, ABB, Krohen, SEW, Cosasco, Honeywell, Vega, Rexroth Bosch , Brooks, E&H and …
In Connection With the above Companies and Supply of different Equipment good Relation has been established.