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PishroAbzarAtor Is a Leading Company with Specialized and Experienced Engineering Team for Provision of Commercial, Technical assistance, engineering services for Supply of measuring and controlling instrument required for different industries especially in the following fields:

a-Oil and Gas industries.
b-Petro Chemical industries.
c-Power Plants.
d-Food industries.
e-Medicine and Others.

PishroAbzarAtor is the Selling Representative of the Following Well Known European Supplies.

1-Domizi Co.

Domizi is the Manufacturer and Supplier of Level measuring for Liquids and Gas :
Eg: Level Switches Top Mounting , Level Switches Side Mounting , By Pass Magnetic Level indicators , Pneumatic Level Sensors , Chamber


Nivelco is the Manufacturer and Supplier of different Type of Surface measuring instrument and Transmitter,
E.g.: Radar Sensor, Ultrasonic and Capacitive type for Liquid and Solid .Pressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors with different Range, Viscosity Sensors, PH meters, 02 meters for Water, Water Treatment and Swage System.

3-Regada Co
Regada is the Manufacturer and Supplier of differentType of Electrical and Control Valves.
E.g.: Pneumatically Operated Valves, Gas Pressure Regulators Solenoid Valves, and Electrical Actuators.